About us


Shoe making is a family affair for us, traditional shoe making skills have been passed down over generations.

For 150 years we have been making bespoke shoes for some of the world’s most distinguished feet. Our current bespoke customers include politicians, captains of industry, soldiers, sailors and airman, explorers and leading figures in the arts, dignitaries, diplomats based in Islamabad, businesspersons and the like. We can proudly say that our handmade bespoke shoes and boots have walked to all four corners of the Earth.

At our small workshop our master cobbler follows in the footsteps of generations of supremely skilled and dedicated craftsmen. We use the finest materials which are painstakingly selected for our customer such as buffalo skin for the sole, finest calf skin for the upper and soft goat or sheep leather for the inner lining. 

We stitch all shoes by hand and will make either Goodyear Welted or Blake Construction Our cobblers follow a time-honoured process. A personal last is constructed to follow the shape of each customer’s own foot. Then their shoes and boots are painstakingly constructed by hand around it. The result is a unique shoe or boot that fits the contours of your feet perfectly. Our bespoke boots and shoes are truly the ultimate in luxury.

We make shoes in any design, any colour & any size, we can make matching belts, wallet, bags and leather jackets too!