Fit Guide

Measuring Feet for Bespoke Shoes: The Process Begins!

To ensure the best fit when your shoes are being produced, follow these instructions for measuring your feet. You don't need to make an appointment with me to do this; you may do it anywhere.
You will require a flexible measuring tape, a pen or pencil, an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, and a friend to assist you with this process.


Start off by taking a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper (this size is important because you'll need to scan it and attach it to an email to us) and a friend with a pen or pencil. Place the paper so that your right foot may sit on it completely without dangling over. This usually entails lining your feet up on the paper from corner to corner. Once your foot is in the proper position, stand naturally, not leaning more to one side than the other. Simply take a tall, erect stance. Next, have your companion draw an outline of your foot using a pen, being careful to hold the pen parallel to the ground.


Avoid angling the pen in any way. When your foot is highlighted, it will appear larger to you. Your foot is at work here!

It's crucial to wear the same kind of socks you normally do with the shoes you're buying. Rolling up your pants will prevent them from getting in the way of the outlining process.

Use the same sheet of paper to carry out the procedure with your second foot. merely aligning it with the opposing corners this time. When you're done, your paper should resemble the following:


Next, you take four measurements around each foot (for a total of 8 measurements). Sit in a chair and cross one leg over the other. This allows your foot to be relaxed. Do not remove your socks. One foot may be different from the other, most are, don’t be alarmed. Do not pull the measuring tape tightly, just make sure there is no slack in it. Remember, you want the shoes to fit your foot, not constrict them.

Measure the ball: This is the measurement of the circumference around the ball area of your foot. To measure the ball find the joints of your smallest toe and your biggest toe. For most people this is the widest part of their feet. Wrap the flexible measuring tape around your foot and over these two joints. The measurement in inches is the measurement of the ball. Measure to the nearest 1/8" (its typical for feet to need fractions when measuring)
Measure the waist: The waist is the measurement of the circumference of your foot just past the ball. Wrap the tape around the waist to find your measurement.
Measure the instep: The instep is the measurement around the middle of the arch. Wrap the tape round this area to find your measurement.
Measure the heel: The heel is the measurement from the corner of the heel around the joint of the leg and foot.

Now that you have your measurements, scan and email them to us! Make sure you let us know that you are sending us measurements when you order. Happy tracing!